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Travel Kit - Shampoo , Deep Conditioner & Curl Cream- 50g

Travel Kit - Shampoo , Deep Conditioner & Curl Cream- 50g

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  • Curly Girl friendly
  • Vegan & Cruelty Free
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The Travel Kit is perfect for people who are always on the go, as it contains travel-sized versions of essential hair care products that can easily fit into a suitcase, backpack, or purse.

Provides essential hair care:
The Travel Kit contains a Shampoo, Deep Conditioner, and Curl Cream, which are all essential products for maintaining healthy, hydrated, and defined curls.

Hydrates and moisturizes hair:
The Deep Conditioner helps to deeply hydrate and moisturize the hair, leaving it soft, smooth, and healthy-looking.

Defines curls:
The Curl Cream helps to define and enhance the natural curl pattern, leaving the hair looking bouncy and full of life.

Makes hair more manageable:
The combination of the Shampoo, Deep Conditioner, and Curl Cream can help to make curly hair more manageable, reducing tangles, frizz, and breakage.


Shampoo Key Ingredients: Lavender, Coconut, Citrus, Apple Cider Vinegar, Bergamot.

Conditioner Key ingredients: Shea butter, Babassu oil, Aloe vera, Avacado, Coconut oil, Vitamin B5

Curl Cream Key ingredients: Shea butter, Sunflower seed oil, Aloe vera, Coconut oil, Vitamin B5

Find the full ingredient list of all the products on their product page!

How to use

Take a deep breathe and align yourself.

Step 1:
Take an appropriate quantity of shampoo and lather it well on your wet hair and wash off the dirt.

Step 2:
Section your hair and take 2-3 pumps of the conditioner and apply generously avoiding the scalp.

Step 3:
Leave the conditioner to work its magic for 10- 15 mins and wash off well using cold water.

Step 4:
In the shower, apply the curl cream sparingly by sectioning your soaking wet hair.

Step 5:
Comb through with our Detangle & Style Brush to evenly distribute the cream and to form beautiful curl clumps!

P. S. Do not rinse after applying curl cream.

Frequently Asked

🌀 What type of curly hair does this product work best for?
- It works for all curly/wavy hair types, if you have a lighter hair texture dilute the curl cream with more water to get the best of the product!

🌀 What ingredients are in the product and are they safe for my hair type?
- All the ingredients used are made keeping in mind the dryness and sensitivity of curly hair!

🌀 Will this product help define my curls and reduce frizz?
- Absolutely, use all the 3 products in one wash day to see good results.

🌀 How often should I use this product for best results?
- Twice a week or whenever you align your hair wash days.

🌀 Is this product suitable for daily use or should it be used sparingly?
- We don’t recommend washing curly hair everyday as it can get dry, twice a week is recommended by experts here at Curl Cure.

🌀 Can this product be used on wet or dry hair?
- Use all the product on wet hair, even the curl cream.

🌀 Is this product cruelty-free and/or vegan?
- 100% cruelty free and vegan!

🌀 Are there any common side effects or reactions associated with this product?
- We have tested the products to not have any side effects, but recommend a patch test and check the ingredients if you are allergic to any of them.

🌀 Can this product be used in combination with other hair products or should it be used alone for best results?
- You can definitely pair it with other hair products but works the best with its own line!

🌀 Does this product have a scent and if so, is it overpowering or pleasant?
- It has a very mild fragrance, hints of coolness and Lavender.

🌀 Can this product be used on color-treated or chemically-treated hair?
- 100% all our products are safe for treated hair.

🌀 Are there any specific styling tips or techniques recommended when using this product for best results?
- We recommend using our Detangling brush to form better clumps, you can also check our instagram/youtube for more tutorials!

Your routine to get Frizz-free curls on the go! Your Favourite travel partner

Scalp Massager 
Deep Conditioner
Curl Cream 
Detangle & Style Brush
Microfiber Towel 

When to use : Every wash day

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Narmadha . (Bengaluru, IN)

Travel Kit - Shampoo , Deep Conditioner & Curl Cream- 50g

Meenakshi . (Delhi, IN)
It's very useful product I have ever the curls I made by these products..

It's awesome product..I loved it no doubt...the definition of curls are perfect..loved this

Love this! Thankyou so much for using curl cure products <3

Shivangi Tiwaskar (Mumbai, IN)

It's awesome.....
Fragrance is good...
loved it... It gives life to my curls..
Nice product

Sameena Nafaaz (Bengaluru, IN)

Travel Kit - Shampoo , Deep Conditioner & Curl Cream- 50g

Anjana Bhamra (Raipur, IN)

I used there products and it works magically on dry nd treated hairs

C.S. (Palakkad, IN)


Mahalaxmi Thevar (Mumbai, IN)
Curl cure travel kit

Amazing 🤩🤩

Ruchi (Bengaluru, IN)
Saviour for curlies when travelling :)

Packaging is cute, the miniatures of 3 step curl routine is definitely worth buying if you are an avid traveler! For me the shampoo and conditioner serves the purpose for upto 3 hair washes nicely as I have thick voluminous hair. This will be in my travel kit always here on...

Mayurakshi Saha (Kolkata, IN)

I am quite satisfied on the first wash. I feel my hair become more soft and less frizzy. I am hoping to see better versions of my curls in the upcoming washes. But I do have an itchy scalp and dandruff problems about which I did not see much change. Maybe with the upcoming washes I will see better results and am already excited to try out more products from Curl Cure.
I have only one last question as am not dry brushing my hair anymore how am I supposed to keep my curls hydrated tangle free and defined on non wash days because I have a gap of 4-5 days between my hair wash days.

j.m. (Ashburn, US)
Travel Kit - Shampoo , Deep Conditioner & Curl Cream- 50g

It is very comfortable and easy to use! Love them so much🤌🏻

How to use:

  • Chippi

    The shampoo has a gentle anti cleansing property followed with conditioner which has an amazing slip to simplify the detangling process. Finally let’s get the curls with the curl cream ,and for an instant definition you can use any of the styling techniques .  Curl Cure travel kit is a budget and travel-friendly  

  • Janvi

    I really didn’t expected the results to be too good with just a curl cream. Untangled Shampoo: It’s gentle yet cleanses my scalp nicely. Hydrate don’t hate conditioner: Contains amazing ingredients plus the slip is good for Detangling and it’s hydrating . Define and Shine Curl Cream: It give the curls a good hold till day 2 . Loved how voluminous my curls were. 

  • Jahnvi Thouti

    So I have been using Curl Cure products since last 3 weeks, I must say the shampoo is non drying but at the same time it cleanses scalp really well. The conditioner slip is too good, makes my detangling process very smooth. And the curl cream is my favorite product. I had not expected my curls to last long just with the curl cream as I have really long hair, but the cream gave really good definition which lasts for 3-4 days.

  • Girija Maheshwari

    Travel kit made life and travelling easy🫣🫣🥹🙈🫶🏻

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