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Dryer Attachment

Collapsible Curly & Wavy Hair Diffuser

Collapsible Curly & Wavy Hair Diffuser

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Benefits: Enhances curl definition | Reduces drying time | Adds volume and bounce | Protects hair from heat damage | Makes styling easier PS: Please check the measurements provided in the images before purchasing, as this product is non-returnable.

Better For You Ingredients

Material: Silicone

How to use

Take a deep breathe and align yourself.

Step 1:
Wash and condition your hair as usual.

Step 2:
Gently scrunch excess water from your hair with a microfiber towel.

Step 3:
Attach the diffuser to your hair dryer.

Step 4:
Adjust the heat and speed settings of your hair dryer to low or medium heat and low or medium speed.

Step 5:
Scrunch your hair with the diffuser while blow-drying, starting at the ends and working your way up to the roots.

Step 6:
Continue diffusing until your hair is dry.

Note: For best results, use with the Curl Cure Shampoo, Conditioner, and Curl Cream.

Frequently Asked

🌀 What is a curly/wavy hair diffuser?
-A hair diffuser is an attachment for a hair dryer that is designed to distribute heat evenly and gently to enhance and define curls, reduce frizz, and add volume and bounce.

🌀 How do I use a curly/wavy hair diffuser?
-To use a hair diffuser, attach it to the end of your hair dryer and turn on the low heat or cool setting. Place a section of your hair into the diffuser, allowing the curls to rest on the fingers of the diffuser. Move the diffuser around your head, focusing on the roots and ends of your hair, until your hair is dry.

🌀 Can a curly/wavy hair diffuser be used on all hair types?
-A curly hair diffuser is designed for curly or wavy hair, but it can also be used on straight or fine hair to add volume and texture.

🌀 How often should I use a curly/wavy hair diffuser?
-You can use a curly hair diffuser as often as you like to enhance and define your curls.

🌀 Can a curly/wavy hair diffuser be used with other styling products?
-Yes, a curly hair diffuser can be used with other styling products, such as mousse or curl cream, to help hold and define your curls.

🌀 Is a curly/wavy hair diffuser easy to use?
Yes, a curly hair diffuser is easy to use. Simply attach it to your hair dryer and use it to dry your hair, focusing on the roots and ends.

🌀 Can a curly/wavy hair diffuser damage my hair?
-If used properly, a curly hair diffuser should not damage your hair. However, it is important to use the low heat or cool setting and avoid over-drying your hair.

🌀 Can a curly/wavy hair diffuser be used on thick or long hair?
-Yes, a curly hair diffuser can be used on thick or long hair, but it may take longer to dry.

🌀 Can a curly/wavy hair diffuser be used with a travel hair dryer?
-Yes, since it is a collapsible diffuser, it is very easy to carry in your luggage and it fits any universal dryer having a round opening.

Your routine to cut down on drying time by 70%

Scalp Massager 
Deep Conditioner
Curl Cream 
Detangle & Style Brush
Microfiber Towel 

When to use : Every wash day

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Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Kavya Kumar
Defined and Bouncy Curls

With this diffuser, my curls are now defined and bouncy, drying quickly and easily. Styling has never been simpler for me!

Sneha Rao
Best Purchase

Ticks all the checkboxes for me: volume, definition, bounce.

Siddharth Reddy

Amazed by the results.

Pooja Mehta
Time-Saving Washday Routine

My Washday routine has gone down from 2 hrs to just 45 mins thanks to the entire curly hair routine from Curl Cure.

Neha Jain
Easy Styling with the diffuser

The diffuser beautifully defines my curls, adding volume and speeding up drying time. Styling is now so easy!

Aaradhya Singh
Quick Styling

This diffuser defines curls beautifully, enhances volume, and has reduced drying time. Mornings are much quicker now.

Arjun Patel
Easy to Use

This diffuser is easy to use.

Riya Patel
Reduced my Drying Time

I'm amazed by how this diffuser enhances my curls, reducing drying time while adding a nice volume.

Diya Chopra
Simplified Styling

Styling is made simple and efficient!

Rama Jambhawadekar (Mumbai, IN)

Curl Cure Pink Collapsible Curly Hair Diffuser + (Free E-book)

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Curl Cure Ideology

Made by a curly, for a curly! We at curl cure believe in embracing your natural hair, working towards a healthy scalp one wash day at a time!