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Wonder Walnuts!

Walnut is a skin and hair superfood because it is high in healthy fats and protein. They are a nutritional powerhouse, providing dull and lifeless skin with a lovely radiant glow and promoting healthier and stronger hair. If you want to learn more about the properties that make walnuts a superfood, or simply how it can help you have better skin and hair, you've come to the right place! Many studies have found that nuts have high nutritional value and are beneficial to one's health. Because of the powerful antioxidant, vitamin E, walnuts help the skin look younger and healthier. Walnuts contain vitamin E, which may help fight free radicals caused by stress, thereby slowing the aging process. Anecdotal evidence suggests that walnuts may also help your skin glow. Furthermore, walnuts are high in biotin, or vitamin B7, which is thought to help hair grow stronger and longer, prevent hair loss, and improve hair texture.

Now that you have this long list of benefits and ways in which Walnuts can help you, let’s look at its benefits for both skin / hair! Our products are made with the best quality walnuts and mixed with other powerful ingredients to give your skin a boost!

Benefits for hair:

  1. Strengthens are scalp
  2. Reduces hair fall
  3. Repairs damaged hair
  4. Improves hair texture
  5. Prevents hair thinning

Benefits for skin:

  1. Is an excellent skin moisturizer + brightening agent 
  2. Powerful exfoliating agent
  3. Helps reduce dark circle
  4. Reduces signs of aging
  5. Maintains overall health of skin 

I am sure all our mothers at some points have asked us to eat soaked walnuts or drink walnut milk regularly and we may / may not have! Well, now you know the immense number of benefits this tiny nut has, you must start eating it as well. Because apart from these skin / hair boons, the biggest benefits it gives is for our body. It helps reduce blood pressure, is rich in antioxidants, decreases inflammation, adds healthy fats to body, improves heart and brain health! 

Phew! The pros are a lot and that’s why we have walnuts in some of our favorite products! Our body Ubtan is one of my personal favorite products in our range. Made with skin loving ingredients like Ubtan, turmeric, rose and calendula. If you are an Indian you already must know, Ubtan is a household favorite, however if you don’t then here is our Ubtan blog that has everything you need to know. – link

Turmeric and Ubtan when combined give your skin a natural glow and remove dead skin. Walnut, being an excellent exfoliating agent cleans your pores and stimulates the renewal of new cells. This is a must check out product!

Our body scrub is for all the chocolate fans out there! because why eat it when you can scrub it on your body! A natural blend of coffee, walnut shells and chocolate that makes this Detan scrub irresistible for you. Exfoliating agents like walnut shells and coffee scrub off dirt and grime off your body. While nourishing it and making your skin soft. While cocoa, almonds, and aloe vera leaves your skin with a nice glow and smells wonderful. Together this combo helps reduce dark spots and pigmentation. The aloe vera present also makes sure to not let your skin dry out and so keeps it hydrated. 

So far you have seen how walnuts are an excellent source for scrubbing and exfoliating. The Skin Power Pack is packed with skin brightening and pore cleansing ingredients like tomato, rose and walnuts! This made for all products gives all round benefits to your skin like nourishing, hydrating and making it healthier.  We also have a blog on Tomato and its benefits for skin that you must check out to know how beneficial this pack is when combined with walnuts. The mask gently exfoliates and moisturizes skin, soothes skin irritation, and lightens dark spots. Leave it on for 15 minutes and see the magic yourself.

Lastly our Herbal Face Scrub is for all our natural and herbal product loving friends. Supercharged with Almond, walnut shells and Coffee this natural blend gently exfoliates while keeping your skin nourished. This mask treats acne and reduces its marks which is a very common concern. The coffee removes tan and heals blemishes while almonds help tighten your pores. Walnuts as we already know work well to reduce signs of aging. All in all, this mask is truly a stunning product. 

Coming to our favorite part of blogs- our DIY recipes for you! Make sure to patch test before using these.

DIY masks:

  1. THAT glossy skin: 

Grind the 3-4 walnut shells until they become fine particles. Take a spoon of raw honey and mix it with the ground walnut shells to make a paste. Mix 1-2 amlas to make it a juice and add it to this paste. Take a small quantity of the scrub and scrub in a circular motion on your face. Scrub your face for a minimum of 5 minutes and leave the scrub on for another 2 minutes so it works its way into your skin. Then wash off with lukewarm water and feel your baby soft glowing skin

2. Reduce pigmentation:

Take 3 tbsp papaya pulp, 1 tbsp honey, 2 tbsp walnut paste and a small pinch of turmeric powder. Mix all ingredients in a bowl and apply this paste on your face. Leave it there for 15 minutes and wash your face and pat dry. Try to do this once a week to get the best result.

3. For healthy scalp:

Cook 3 to 4 walnut twigs in half a litre of water for 10 minutes. Use the twigs in conjunction with their foliage. When the potion is warm, strain it and apply it directly to the hair roots while brushing it with a comb for an even distribution of the decoction. This recipe prevents hair loss and promotes a healthy scalp. However, in order to see a difference, it must be done on a regular basis.

We hope we have convinced you of the uncountable benefits of this brain shaped nut and ways you can use it. Of course all skin types are different and hence 90% of our products are made according to all skin types. These DIY recipes are an added bonus for days you don’t wish to use our products and save it for special occasions. Pro tip- Always keep an eye out for our sales to stock up on your favs! See you in our next blog! Happy Curling!

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