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Types of Hairstyles for Indian Curly Hair

Explore the diverse realm of Indian curly hairstyles with Curl Cure's guide. From casual waves to elegant updos and trendy braids, discover the perfect style for your unique curls. Our curated products and essential tools ensure a seamless styling experience, celebrating the beauty of every curl.


Types of Indian Curly Hairstyles

Casual Everyday Styles

Effortless Loose Waves:

Create a laid-back, beachy look with loose waves. Begin by prepping your curly hair with a curl cream for enhanced definition and volume. Use a brush and section your hair, wrapping each segment away from your face for that natural, cascading effect. Gently tousle them with your fingers for that carefree vibe. Seal the style with aloe vera gel, ensuring a long-lasting, frizz-free finish. 



Playful Curly Ponytail:

Begin by gently detangling your luscious curls using a detangle brush and apply a curl cream to reduce frizz and add shine to your curls, embracing their unique texture. Next, gather your curls into a high ponytail, leaving a few loose strands for a carefree touch. Secure with a scrunchie and let those curls cascade effortlessly.

Elegant Updos for Special Occasions

Traditional Indian Bun:

Prep your curly hair with a curl cream for a luscious texture. Section the hair carefully, and weave it into a tight braid for added elegance. Secure the braid into a neat coil at the nape of your neck, fastening it with hairpins for a traditional touch. Embrace the cultural richness by incorporating vibrant hair accessories, enhancing the allure of your bun. 

Curly Half-Up, Half-Down:

Section your natural curls, allowing them to frame your face beautifully. Gather the top half into a loose, voluminous ponytail, securing it with a scrunchie. Let the remaining curls cascade gracefully down. Add aloe vera gel to hold the hairstyle and make it look frizz free.

Trendy Braided Styles

Boho Chic Fishtail Braid:

Begin by applying a nourishing curl cream to enhance texture and manageability. Section your luscious curls and weave them into a loose fishtail braid. Secure the braid with a scrunchie and gently pull the braid and strands for an effortlessly chic finish. Use an aloe vera gel for added hold.

Crown Braid with Defined Curls:

Prep your hair using a curl cream to reduce frizz and add definition and shine to your curls. Split your hair into two sections, top and bottom. Make a crown braid with the top section and secure it with bobby pins, ensuring a seamless blend. Finish with our an aloe vera gel which will help maintain the hairstyle.


Traditional and Cultural Styles

Intricate Jhoomar Hairstyle:

Start with well-moisturized curls using a curl cream. This ensures a smooth styling process and enhances the natural beauty of your curls. Divide your hair into sections, gently twisting each one to create a defined curl pattern. This sets the foundation for the intricate Jhoomar design. Carefully position the Jhoomar accessory on one side, securing it amidst your curls. This traditional ornament adds a cultural flair to your hairstyle. Loosen a few curls around the Jhoomar to frame your face elegantly. Set the style with an aloe vera gel for a lasting, beautiful look.


Gajra-Adorned Curls:

Start by sectioning your curls and using a curl cream for a frizz-free foundation. Use a detangling comb for gentle detangling, preserving those beautiful curls. Once your curls are set, learn the art of placing Gajra strategically throughout your hair, adding a touch of cultural sophistication to your look.

Conclusion: Styling Your Indian Curly Hair Journey with Curl Cure

In conclusion, the world of Indian curly hairstyles is vast and vibrant. With Curl Cure's range of products and styling tips, you have the tools to create stunning looks that embrace the beauty of your natural curls. From casual everyday styles to traditional and cultural masterpieces, there's a hairstyle for every occasion. Celebrate your curls and embark on a styling journey with Curl Cure!


  • What Hairstyles Suit Different Curl Patterns in Indian Hair?

Looser curls may benefit from open hairstyles, while tighter coils can rock voluminous updos. Experiment to find what suits your unique curl pattern.

  • Can I Use the Same Products for Indian Curly Hair as Straight Hair?

No, curly hair requires specific products. Choose those designed for curls to maintain moisture and enhance the natural curl pattern.

  • Is it Advisable to Brush Indian Curly Hair When Dry?

Yes, you can brush your curly hair when it is dry but only use detangling brushes especially designed for curly hair.

  • Are Bangs Suitable for Indian Curly Hair?

Yes, bangs can complement Indian curly hair beautifully. Opt for soft, side-swept bangs for a stylish and youthful look.

  • Any quick styling tips for busy mornings?

Refresh curls with a water and a curl cream mix, and opt for easy styles like buns or half-up, half-down looks.

  • How can I add volume to my curls?
Use a diffuser and start diffusing your hair upside down or use a detangle brush to gently fluff curls for added volume.
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