Our 5 MUST have products- Curl Cure

Our 5 MUST have products- Curl Cure

 We all have those products we NEED in life, don’t we? They are always there for us, no matter what the problem is, they come through! You, our dearest reader, know by now how much we love and value your support! Through our blogs we try our best to give you correct information, inside secrets and endless DIY recipes. Today we bring to you a list of our products you MUST have! You ask Why? Well, these are our bestsellers, and have worked for many like you. They are made with the highest quality ingredients, researched scientifically, and have our immense love!

You may choose to buy any one or two out of these, try them out for yourselves and tell us in comments what your experience has been like!:

  1. Hair Elixir: This magic potion is just what your hair needs! It is one of those things that will work to help your hair become stronger, thicker and healthier. Our hair elixir consists of scientifically proven ingredients like Redensyl, Biotin, Keratin, Anagin, Procapil. All of these have immense benefits when used regularly. The elixir is a combination of both nature + science hence works the best for our hair. Natural ingredients like Amla, Fenugreek, Brahmi, Hibiscus etc. add their natural goodness and power to our serum!

Some of the benefits you will see after consistent use are:

  1. Fights hair loss
  2. Promotes hair growth
  3. Restores volume and density in hair
  1. Deep Conditioner: This intensely hydrating conditioner made with Aloe vera, Avocado and Biotin is your frizzy hair bestie! It is super nourishing, rich in moisturizing ingredients and helps detangle easily without breaking hair. Aloe vera helps reduce a greasy scalp, Avocado locks in the moisture and hydrating given, while biotin makes your hair shiny and strong. This conditioner is exactly what our dry, frizzy, lifeless curls need before any special events. It’s going to leave your hair smelling all citrusy and nutty, so good that you won’t stop touching it.



  1. Detangling Brush: Who really likes tangles and knots in their hair right? Don’t we feel frustrated and have a crazy arm workout from all that brushing and removing knots! To ease your worries, we have our Detangling Brush that gently helps you detangle knots, it glides with your knots so you don’t break hair. It is in a curved shape that helps work on our scalp too and the best part is you can use it to massage your head after a long day!

Pro Tip: Use in the shower to detangle with Deep Conditioner in your hair or on freshly washed hair while applying our Organic Aloe Vera Gel



  1. Shampoo: Our untangled shampoo, made with Lavender and Coconut is the gentlest shampoo that will cleanse your scalp and easily untangle the knots. The heavenly scent of lavender and goodness of coconut leaves you smelling like a garden of lavender and all things sweet. The goodness of coconut helps aid dry, brittle hair, while lavender helps sooth irritated scalp. Being sulphate free, it is also safe for colored hair!



  1. Diffuser: Diffusing hair is a drying technique that uses a dryer attachment to "diffuse" the airflow; this cuts dry time, reduces frizz, adds volume, boosts your curl formation, and gives longevity to your style. You can increase the volume of your waves, giving the appearance of thicker, fuller hair, in addition to reducing drying time. It will increase volume, but only if the right techniques and products are used.

The benefits of using a diffuser:

  • It doesn't disturb your natural curl pattern
  • It is less damaging than direct heat from a blow dryer
  • It encourages/enhances wave or curl pattern (some girls with wavy hair discover soft curls when they diffuse!)
  • It’s great for people suffering from flat crown



So here are the 5 products from Curl Cure we genuinely believe you must have! If you have tried any of the products above, tell us in comments below about your experience. We have another blog coming soon on Inari products you need to have!

Happy Curling!

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