Know your way around Curl Cream

Know your way around Curl Cream

An essential step in every curly girl’s hair routine, this cream is designed to lock moisture into curls to define and enhance their natural texture. Plus, adding in extra layers of moisture with a curl cream after shampooing and conditioning will help to slow down the evaporation of water from the hair. Especially if your hair has a low porosity. Even a super-moisturizing gel won’t provide as much moisture as a cream. Every head of curls is different, so it’s totally personal and up to you what you prefer for your hair, but it’s important that you know which to use for certain outcomes!

While all creams and gels have the same goal in general, depending on the ingredients, some creams may provide softness and definition while others may aim to strengthen. Fundamentally, these are supplementary properties to their primary function, which is to moisturize and set. However, it's important to remember that while they may all serve the same purpose, many will contain ingredients that are harmful to your hair, such as drying alcohol or silicone.


Why use our curl cream?

  1. Banishes Frizz
  2. Helps style your hair
  3. Add extra nourishment
  4. Gives your hair definition and volume
  5. Makes it easy to tame those curls


How to use curl cream?


  1. Wash and cleanse your hair using Untangled Shampoo made with coconut and refreshing lavender.
  2. Condition your hair to add extra hydration and nourishment with our” Hydrate don’t Hate conditioner” made with avocado and aloe vera.
  3. Let it sit in and do its magic for 10-15 mins and then wash it off
  4. Squeeze in coin size amount of curl cream and apply it well on your hair. comb through using our detangling brush to remove any knots. It works best on dripping wet hair.
  5. Do not wash your hair post the cream, make sure to scrunch your hair well to style the curls
  6. Let it air dry or use a diffuser to reduce the time!
  7. Voila! Your fab hair is now ready to shine!


Secret tips to use curl cream:

  1. Use on freshly washed and conditioned hair. This will yield the best results. However you can also refresh your hair by spraying water on 3/4 lengths and applying curl cream. Let it dry naturally!
  2. Damp/ Wet hair works best: Curl cream is preferably used on dripping wet hair, however damp hair work too! Make sure to scrunch your curls and let it air dry after! 
  3. Go from roots to ends: Work the curl cream into your hair, paying special attention to the ends, from just above the roots to the ends of your curls. Going from root to end will help you achieve maximum volume when styling your curls.
  4. Go from back to front: Begin at the back of your head and work your way forward in sections, using only a small amount of curl cream for each section.

Curl cream is such a versatile product and is not reserved for only those with super curly hair. Curl cream and wavy hair are also a perfect match. To achieve flowy, runway-ready hair, on multi-textured strands, you need curl cream for all types of curls. Once you begin to use curl cream as part of your curl care routine, there’s no going back. 


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Happy Curling!





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