How to prep your curls for wedding season!

How to prep your curls for wedding season!

The wedding season is upon us, and it’s time to get to your lehenga out, deck up with jewelry and experiment fun hairstyles. But for all of this we do need our hair to work with us, right? Having a bad hair day on the day of function or prior does not help you or your pictures! So, we have curated this blog to help you out with products and routine you must follow before events to rock those locks!

You don't need superpowers to create a stunning hairstyle! The key to nailing any hairstyle, especially if you have curly hair, is right preparation. The prep will give your curls definition and hold while also keeping them nourished for a long time. Curly hair is prone to losing hydration quickly, which can cause your hair to become frizzy and dull within hours.

Brief Tips:

  1. Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate those locks!
  2. Use an intensely nourishing leave in mask
  3. Make sure to use a satin bonnet and scrunchies to protect against frizz
  4. Using a gentle cleanser will avoid stripping hair dry
  5. Use a diffuser to even out your curl pattern and add more volume

Now let’s talk about the routine, we highly recommend following your regular haircare routine and not experimenting last minute to avoid any mishaps. CGM is our go-to routine because it always gives us results and works best for curly hair. Here is the blog, describing CGM in detail if you don’t know! For individuals that don’t follow CGM, you must use this line up!

Products for our 3-step curl routine:



Curl Cream 

For those who would like to use a powder-based range and don’t follow a CGM routine this is what you can do: Use our combo- Volume Essentials  that consists of Pre-Shampoo + Hair Cleanser + Hydrating Aloe Vera Mask.  

This all-in-one combo does it for you. Our Pre- shampoo is made for all hair types, consists of natural goodness like Amla, Shikakai, Hibiscus that strengthens hair and deeply cleanses your scalp. It adds moisture to your hair and preps it for better absorption of other products. Amla and Shikakai are popular old school ingredients that remove build up, reduces dandruff and hibiscus hydrates the hair. 

Hair Power Pack plays the essential role of a cleanser that is filled with powerful ingredients like Brahmi, Fenugreek, and Indian Madder. This cleanser is the ‘IT’ product to Strengthen your hair from the inside out and accelerate hair growth. It reduces the possibilities of split ends and promotes lustrous hair.

Hydrating aloe hair mask: The deeply hydrating hair mask is famous for its intense nourishment and results in soft, shiny hair. Aloe vera is commonly known for its benefits of bouncy, soft hair while also adding tons of moisture to your curls. This prevents your hair from becoming frizzy too soon and holds hairstyles easily. Think French braids or top knots, maybe let those curls loose, no matter what this volume essential hair combo is going to make your hair stronger and so much healthier. 

Once done with the combo, relax and dry your hair using a microfiber towel, this ensures there is no hair breakage since they are delicate when wet. The material of microfiber towel reduces frizz and gently dries your hair. 

All you curly heads might know the importance of using a good diffuser, it plays a key role in drying your hair while saving on time. Our diffuser is travel friendly and easy to use. Adding a diffuser to your regime will help dry hair quickly, add volume in your locks, reduces frizz and defines your curls better. 

We highly recommend you follow this routine before your bug events, like a wedding. This preps your hair deeply for the styling ahead and reduces the damage it may cause. A good routine is one when you cleanse and hydrate your hair with a good conditioner. Since curly hair is prone to drying quickly, using curl cream makes sure the moisture does not escape. Alternatively, you can also use an Aloe vera hair mask for intense hydration. Further on, drying and styling must ensure you take care of it gently and treat it like a baby. Because wet hair is prone to hair fall and breakage. 

We sincerely hope this blog helped you  prep for the upcoming wedding season. If you have any doubts do DM us on Instagram or comment below!

Happy curling!



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