Curly Girl Method For Beginers by Curl Cure

Curly Girl Method For Beginers by Curl Cure

CURLY GIRL METHOD – All you need to ace those curls 

If you have been looking for THE curly hair routine to save your curls and make them shine brighter, we are here for you! There are over a million curly girl methods on the internet all preaching the same thing and it may get overwhelming. To help you find all that you need to know and use we decided it was time to write this blog.  So, get ready and keep the excitement up to know The Curly girl Method, the right way!

The Curly Girl Method is essentially a how-to manual for achieving great hair using (and avoiding!) products and styling methods. It was created by hairstylist and curl expert Lorraine Massey, who also published Curly Girl: The Handbook.  While every hair type is different and the level of CG method would be different for all, it is essentially followed so you’ll be able to amp up your natural wave, curl, or coil pattern while reducing frizz, dryness, and breakage. Your natural hair's texture and type will dictate this. Do you have naturally straight hair or straight hair with a few waves? The Curly Girl Method won't make your hair curlier, that is not a thing! The entire purpose of CGM is to achieve healthier, fuller, more defined hair—basically, to see what your hair is capable of—which means you must already have a very definite wave or curl pattern.

It is important to remember it may take time to find your routine, but it will happen. Make sure to take it one wash at a time! Okay so let’s start from the scratch:

SHAMPOO- We all know how important it is to maintain a clean, healthy scalp but we often end up using sulphate loaded products which cause more harm than good. CGM essentially means using a healthier shampoo which wouldn’t create a buildup and damage hair follicles. Invest in a good scalp massager which helps in blood circulation and promotes hair growth. It ensures you have no buildup left on the scalp post wash. Double shampooing your hair would be advised if you have an oily scalp, deal with product buildup or dandruff. The point of it is to avoid greasy scalp and ensure it is cleansed thoroughly. 

CONDITIONER- The essence of hydration and moisture to give a bounce to your locks, this step is crucial. Post shampooing your hair tend to become dry and dull but conditioning it helps regain the softness while reducing frizz. It is important to brush your hair post applying conditioner to ensure it is evenly spread to all lengths of hair. Make it a point to do it while in your shower so you do not forget about the step. Comb through well to detangle the knots and avoiding clumping in hair. However, do make sure you apply the conditioner 2 inches away from scalp otherwise it may cause buildup, itchiness or even dandruff. 

CURL CREAM- We curlies need this ASAP. It is so important to use a curl cream post your conditioner to help define your gorgeous curls. You have got it, so show it off!! This is so much better than your serums or silicon laden products which do more harm than good. Let your hair air dry and then continue to style it the way you want! 

I know you’re overwhelmed right now but trust me when I say it’s truly not as hard as it sounds, especially when you find the right products. 

And to make your journey a little easier we have tagged below the best and probably the only products you really need to get you’re ‘A’ game. You’re very welcome reader! Made with the most organic and hair friendly ingredients like Avocado, Shea Butter, Coconut and Vitamins. It has everything your hair will love you for. 





Curl cream-




Microfiber towel-

 All in one combo-


The Curly Girl Method has a well-known reputation for revitalizing even the most finicky of curls, restoring moisture, and maintaining that coveted bounce and shine.  We hope we have helped you  on this journey of loving and nourishing your curls. Take it one day at a time and you will be a pro within a few tries! Be patient with your curls but make sure to use only the finest products on your curls. Happy Curling!

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