Best organic hair mask | Banana Hair Mask by Inari Naturals from Curl Cure

Best organic hair mask | Banana Hair Mask by Inari Naturals from Curl Cure

Got curly dry hair and don't know what to do? The answer is simple, Use a Banana hair mask by Inari Naturals and wanna know why?

Your crown is the first this anyone sees, a shiner healthier crown is what everyone loves. And we have two simple ways to protect your crown.

1. Use the best organic Banana hair mask by Inari Naturals for protection of the natural smoothness of curls.

2. Stop using excessive heat styling, but if you  need to do it use Banana Hair Mask combined with Inari Naturals organic shampoo for dry hair.


Organic shampoo Inari Naturals |Curl Cure

The mixture of natural ingredients of the shampoo didn't only give them what they were looking for but after 3rd wash, they had much shiner, bouncier and frizz-free hair. Here are some Inari Naturals organic shampoos crafted for curly hairs.

Inari Naturals | Banana Hair Mask - For Dry Hair - 100% Natural

Cleansing and Hydrating is the most important step in your hair care routine, make it easier you can use a Herbal hair cleanser followed by Banana Hair Mask. 

Curl hair is naturally drier than other hair types. Dryness and frizziness plague your curls consistently. Heat styling, sweat, dirt or even y shampoo are common culprits. If you are a patron of Inari Naturals by curl Cure, we may have a way for you to battle the situation.

Inari Naturals | Banana Hair Mask  – 100% Natural

That is why it is important for you to know how to combat hair dryness. Have an extensive hair care routine or not, Inari Naturals cleanser/shampoo will easily fit in your hair care process. 73% saw the improvement just after the second wash. Make sure to leave us a comment on our Instagram your curl type (2A to 4C) and how many washes you could see the results. We would love to solve any queries on DM.

What is Inari Naturals Banana Hair Mask - For Dry Hair - 100% Natural is made of?

Banana | Hibiscus | Aloe Vera | Rose

How to use it?

Take a deep breath and align yourself,

  • Scoop out 3 spoons of the powder Into a bowl

  • Add 15ml water to the mixture, and mix well

  • Let it sit for a minute for the leaves to open and the goodness to come out
  • Once you have the desired consistency, gently part your hair in 4 sections and apply from the roots to the dry end

  • Secure with a shower cap for 25-30 minutes 

  • Use a hot towel for added benefits 

  • Once in the shower rinse well and give your scalp a good massage to remove any dead skins, dirt or anything that stops you from having Beautiful hair!

Follow up with your favourite conditioner for the best results! Style as desired.

P.s This formula does not require a shampoo Or any pre-treatment such as hair oils! Use Weekly for the best results!

Expected results after third wash? 

You can see a significant change in the crown and overall smoothness in the hair. Friziness will reduce. You will be able to see a significant reduction in Dryness too, which gets better with every wash.

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