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10 things you need to stop doing to your hair

No matter how much you love your hair and take its best care there are always some things we do that are an absolute NO-NO. We’re all guilty of making hair care mistakes from time to time, but the truth is many of the mistakes we’re making are ones that can be easily avoided.

So, we are here to remind you of 10 things you shouldn’t be doing for healthy hair. If there are only a few things you relate to from the list then chances are you maybe close to your goal of healthier hair, sadly if you relate to more than 3-4 you need to start being more careful towards your hair.

1. Vigorously Towel Drying Hair: The most common mistake we make since childhood is using our bath towels to dry our hair. We use a lot of pressure and roughly shake our hair which cause them to break from roots. It is essential to use a hair friendly microfiber cloth and be gentle while drying your hair. Preferably pat your hair to soak excess water and let it air dry.

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2.Using silicone- sulphate based products: Silicones are a group of ingredients that act like a raincoat for your hair, coating the hair and eventually causing build-up that will leave hair dull, weighed down, and lifeless. They are the major reason many face hair problems and give a fake shine to your locks. Use silicon-sulphate free products like ‘The Untangled Shampoo and Hydrating deep Conditioner.

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3. Washing your hair too often (or not enough): Over-washing your hair will result in dry, dull hair. When we over-wash our hair, we strip it of the essential oils that keep it healthy and beautiful. The accumulation of dirt, dust, and added oils in our hair causes the pores of the scalp to clog, which can result in hair loss or stunted hair growth in some cases. Make sure to wash only when you feel like your hair needs cleansing.

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4. Wearing a Ponytail or Topknot all the time: We all love wearing our hair up especially in summers. But the damage it does is real, it results in balding towards to scalp. The constant pressure on the same place in your hair day after day wreaks havoc on it. It weakens it which leads to breakage and even stunted growth.

Use a silk scrunchie to avoid breaking hair while doing ponytails or bun- https://www.curlcure.in/product/curl-protector-satin-hair-scrunchies-assorted-pack-of-3 

5. Sleeping on a cotton pillowcase: Much like towel drying sleeping on a cotton pillow can lead to tangled hair and contribute to breakage. The smaller fibers on a silk pillowcase prevent your hair from excessive pulling as you toss and turn, preserving your curls overnight.

6. Combing Styled Wet Hair: Combing on styled wet hair is the worst thing you can do. Not only is it painful, but it also leads to a lot of hair loss. You will lose far more hair than you expected. Therefore, never brush when the curls are styled instead let it air dry.

7. Not conditioning your hair enough: Letting your hair dry out with lack of hydration and moisture ruins their natural shine. Make sure to use a good hair mask weekly and a hydrating conditioner after every wash. Here are our best picks for hair conditioner and hair mask:


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8. Rinsing hair with hot water: We all enjoy a hot shower, but did you know that hot water stimulates the sebaceous glands? This increases sebum production, causing hair to become greasy faster. Don't worry, you don't have to give up hot showers instead, opt for a warm temperature rather than hot. Finish it off with cold water rinse

9. Sleeping with hair open: When you sleep your hair tend to get tossed around a little, they maybe pulled or stuck under your arms. This leads to breaking of hair and causes roughness in them. Investing in a bonnet or braiding your hair makes sure they stay in one place. Do not use a tight hairstyle that will damage the scalp. Silk bonnet link so you can save some time- https://www.curlcure.in/product/satin-hair-bonnet-curlprotection 

10. Conditioning from roots: When applying conditioner, it’s best to start at the midshaft of your hair toward the ends. The ends of the hair are the oldest, meaning they’ve been on your head the longest, contain the least amount of moisture, and are the dead, that area needs the most conditioning.

We hope these tips help you get stronger, healthier hair. if there are some tips you do and aren’t mentioned here, do comment below, and share with us. Follow us on on Instagram for many DIY mask for your hair and skin, and to know secrets for better hair keep your notifications for us on! See you there.

Happy Curling!

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