Will you be our valentine?

Will you be our valentine?

Valentines Day is just round the corner and for all those that are single this is not a day we look forward too! I mean who likes to be reminded about their singlehood? But why should we sulk and not have a fun day to celebrate ourselves! Valentine's Day can be an annoying and unnecessary commercial celebration for some people, both single and in relationships. However, for those who are single and unhappy about it, it can be like pouring salt in a wound. Everywhere you look during February, you'll see red hearts, pink flowers, and phrases like "be mine" written in red. 

So, lets start with buying your favourite chocolates, get balloons and of course we can buy flowers for ourselves (iykyk)!! Once you are done starting your day right- here are 5 things you can do to thank your biggest cheer leader- YOU!

  1. Host a single only party- Spending time with friends is a wonderful way to celebrate love. Invite all of your favorite single people over for a delicious dinner, a glass of bubbly, and a toast to your independence! Get all the singles in on this fun party and dance through the night! Treating yourself doesn’t need to be limited to Valentine’s Day, but rather can be done any day of the year!



2. Splurge a little on yourself- Self Care is the biggest way to show self-love! What better than to pamper your skin and hair, to dress up and enjoy it. Our vast range of products are curated for such a special day ! we would recommend our latest launch-HAIRTOX to give your hair that much needed detox, a break from the toxicity and buildup on your scalp. We made not break hearts today but let’s breakup with hair toxic impurities! This HairTox contains Bentonite Clay, Kaolin Clay, Potato Starch, Rice Grain Starch, Active Charcoal powder and more! It will leave you feeling refreshed, giving your scalp a gentle detoxification and paving the way for defined curls.

Once you complete this detox process you can finish it off with our super moisturizing, curls nourishing conditioner made with hydrating Aloe vera and creamy avocado, biotin and more hair loving ingredients. This conditioner is an absolute must for curly hair since – it reduces frizz, adds shine and life to dull hair and prevents hair breakage too.  This combo of hairtox and deep conditioner is all you need to get your hair ready for the V-day! 

Let’s discuss what we can do for your skin to glow and look its best! Start with Body Scrub to exfoliate all the dead skin cells from your skin. This decadent scrub is made with coffee, chocolate and walnut shells, what’s not to like? The aloe in it hydrates your skin and the scrub rich in vitamin E, softens your skin and reduces appearance of scars. It also reduces pigmentation and dark spots that will leave your skin baby soft! 

Post this exfoliation and you must finish it off with our Ubtan Cleanser, its soothing and gentle properties feel nourishing on your skin. Freshly made Ubtan for deep cleansing, tightening & instant glow of face & body.  Packed with nourishing power ingredients such as Besan, Moong, Charoli, Raw Milk, Yoghurt, Wild Turmeric, Neem, and more skin-loving ingredients. This mask is going to add a beautiful natural glow and radiance to your skin .

What more do we need to prep for our special days, right?

3. Binge watch your favourite tv show or movie: we are sure there are at least a few shows added to your ‘have to’ watch lists. And what better time than today? Cozy up in your cutest pajamas, get your popcorn ready and start the movie marathon. We may not have a real boyfriend but tv show crushes are a thing, right?  

Our show recommendations- Gilmore Girls, FRIENDS, Hum-Tum, 10 reasons I hate you, Break ke Baad, Never Been Kissed, Dostana, This is Us. Get Binging! 


4. Have a game night with your girls : Get those board games out its time to laugh like you never have! Play some music and become a child once again! Whether you want to just play some solo-player games or want to host the most epic ultimate get-together with your girls, game night is always a good idea.

Our game recommendations- Twisters, Jenga, Heads Up, Uno, Cards, Pictionary, Taboo 

5. Go out and about: Become a tourist in our city, do all the cliché things they do, maybe go for a hike nearby and capture the sunset. Find your city’s secret locations and enjoy the solace, find a less discovered food spot and savor the delicacies. Why should we stay closed in our apartments? Click polaroid’s and count all the reasons you love this city! Sit by the sea and create a list of people you love and are grateful for every day. Call and tell them how much you appreciate their presence! 

There is so much more you could do on Valentines to celebrate its essence of love and meaning it holds. Valentines isn’t just for couples, and we stand by it! It’s time to show and share your love for all those who mean the most to you! 

We’ll go first! Happy Valentines Day to our beautiful community and every single Curlie that has helped us reach here.

Happy Curling!

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