Our 5 MUST have products- Inari Naturals

Our 5 MUST have products- Inari Naturals

Our OG skin and haircare products solve all your worries! We have also done a blog on 5 must have products from CC you must not miss out on. They are everything your hair needs and low-key wants too! Made with highest quality ingredients and our love packed into this goodness. Today we list down on our INARI products you NEED, there is something for everybody. 

1.Banana Hair Mask- Everyone who follows a good skin and hair care routine knows the benefits of using banana for your hair. It is super moisturizing, rich in essential fats and leaves your hair feeling soft. Our banana hair mask consists of bundle of goodness from Moringa, Hibiscus and Aloe vera. It relieves your scalp from dandruff and makes your locks stronger. Aloe vera helps soothe itchy and dry scalp. Give your dry, lifeless hair a much-needed dose of nourishment.


2. Chocolate Mud Pack:  Our Chocolate Mud Pack is the ideal choice for you! It rejuvenates dull, tired skin and helps fade stubborn tans with 100% natural ingredients like Pure Cocoa, Hibiscus, and Rosehip.  It will leave your skin hydrated and reveal a brighter, glowing complexion as well. The richness of cocoa and rosehip helps unclog pores, reduces tan. Hibiscus moisturizes skin, soothes redness and aids in increasing elasticity of skin. 


3. Hair Tox: The monthly therapy to rejuvenate your hair back and get it ready for the next month to come. Celebrate getting over this month Increase the growth of your hair, heal your dry scalp, and make it healthier! Bananas promote growth, while bentonite clay and mint provide much-needed monthly therapy for your hair. A deeply cleansed scalp helps absorb products like oil. Shampoo and mask are much better so you can see the difference post wash. This hair tox does exactly that, gives your hair a deep clean, gets rid of build up in just one wash. Make sure to be consistent with it and it will make your hair stronger and healthier!


4. Hair Milk: Oatmeal for your hair? This oat-based hair mask will strengthen and repair your hair from the inside out. This deep conditioner, which contains oats, aloe vera, and banana, is extremely moisturizing and hydrating. It will deep condition  and should be used on a weekly basis for the best results. Oatmeal is high in nutrients that are good for both your body and your hair. It hydrates dry, rough hair, leaving it soft, smooth, and silky. It also reduces split ends, which everyone experiences on a regular basis. To prevent hair breakage, make sure to strengthen your hair!


5. Skin Power Pack: Well, the name of the mask is exactly what is inside it! Consisting of powerful ingredients like Walnuts, Tomato and Rose. The goodness of walnuts helps exfoliate and unclog your skin pores, while tomato helps brighten the skin. It also makes sure to reduce the blemishes while rose brings out radiance from the skin. The mask is loaded with antioxidants, soothes skin irritation, and moisturizes your skin. And the best part, it is made for all skin types.


We take our love and concern for your skin seriously so we have curated this list of products from Inari that you MUST have. It has everything for your hair and skin, powerful ingredients that will nourish, hydrate, and give it different glow altogether. Do check out our second part of the blog, where we put together products you must have from Curl Cure. If you have used any of these products for a while you know they work! Let us know in the comments below what your experience has been so far!

Happy Curling!

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