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Your Guide to Refreshing Curly Hair

Do you hate waking up in the morning and seeing your perfectly defined curls wash away? We've all been there!

It's time to put an end to that! Imagine if there was a magic wand that kept your curls frizz-free every day? Although we can't make that a reality, there are ways to help you refresh your curls and maintain them between wash days.
Several factors can influence how long your freshly washed hair lasts before needing another wash. However, you can only control so much. The weather, your workouts, your scalp health, and the products you use can all have an impact on how long your wash day lasts. Finding a way to keep curls fresh and revived between wash days is especially important during the warmer months. Heat can not only dry out your curls but also deteriorate your wash-day care, requiring more maintenance than you intended.
If you want your curls to stay fresh and springy, we've got you covered, girl! Resist the urge to wash your curls every other day and instead follow these simple DIY steps to refresh curls and restore bounce to each ringlet on a 'No-wash' day! Remember, shampooing is not the enemy; however, over-shampooing is, especially since there are several ways to refresh curls without washing them.
So, how do you know when your curls need to be refreshed? Curls that lack volume and vibrancy usually require a refresh.


Refreshing using water

A wet refresh may be appropriate if your curls are fine, fluffy, or on the thinner side. Wet refreshing entails clumping and redefining your curls with mostly water. For this method, you'll need a spray bottle, a microfiber towel, and your favorite curl cream. Simply section your curls to target frizzy or undefined areas, drenching each section thoroughly as you go. Once dripping wet, apply a thin coat of gel with prayer hands. Finally, remember to scrunch your soft microfiber towel. Section by section, work your way until your curls are wet and refreshed! Once dry, you'll be ready to rock third, fourth, and hopefully fifth day curls and waves.


curly hair applying hair product DIY refresh

DIY Refresh

You can also make your DIY Refresh Mix in a spray bottle. Fill it with 3 parts water and 1 part leave-in conditioner or curl cream, or whatever you have on hand. Your conditioner will suffice. Shake well to combine. You can also use a drop or two of a light oil/essential oil to leave your hair shiny and fragrant. Spray it on the frizzy areas, smooth it with your palms, and shake the crown with your fingertips to add volume, and you're ready for the day!


curly hair styling

Finger Coiling

Finger coils is a styling technique loved by many. If done well, they can last up to 4-5 days.Transitioning curls can be even more difficult to look springy, so finger coils can help retaining definition.

Here's how to do it:

  1. Begin by misting your hair with water.

  2. Emulsify a pea-sized amount of your favourite curl cream with water on your palms and apply to the frizzy strands, flyaways, and anywhere else your hair needs it. 

  3. While applying the product, gently twist the hair around your fingers to give them definition

  4. After you've finger coiled your hair, glide small amount of gel or mousse to keep the curls in place.

  5. To assist smooth out the hair shaft and give your curls a healthy sheen, you may also add a tiny bit of serum or oil.

  6. And finally, puff it up.

  7. Use your fingers to fluff up your hair without raking them through it too much if you want it to be voluminous.

Watch this video guide on our Instagram here.

Protecting your curls overnight can be a breeze with a few simple steps.

First and foremost, ditch the cotton pillowcase and upgrade to a satin pillowcase. Your curls will thank you for it! The silky soft material allow your hair to glide over them gently, reducing friction and minimizing damage while you sleep. And let's be real, who doesn't want to feel like a queen or king sleeping on a luxurious satin pillowcase?

If you're worried about your curls getting tangled or flattened, opt for a satin bonnet. It's a classic look that's been around for decades, and for a good reason. It's an effective way to keep your curls protected while you snooze.

By incorporating these simple steps into your nightly routine, you'll wake up with refreshed, bouncy curls that are ready to take on the day! So go ahead and get your beauty sleep, knowing that your curls are in good hands.

Say goodbye to frizz and hello to healthy, happy curls. Good luck and happy curling!




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