Styling Those Curls

Styling Those Curls

We have already discussed the Curly Girl Method in one of the previous blogs, so we hope you know all about the correct way to follow the CGM. If you are late to the party, go read that blog now while we wait for you!  

Now that you are back here, let’s start with ways to style your curls- the right way! However, be aware that different methods suit varied wavy & curly heads or perhaps, even a combination of them. Make sure to do a trial and error to find your suitable style!

Here we go,

Scrunching: Very effective in adding volume, bounce, and definition. With this method, you take parts of your hair and crumple or squeeze them upward in your fists. You can scrunch up the sections by using your preferred stylers or leave-in conditioner, rubbing it between your palms, or by using a t-shirt.

Praying Hands/Smoothening: Take your leave in/styling product & rub it across your palms and smooth it over your strands from the top to the bottom, with hands clasped, as if in a prayer. This is one of the easiest way to style your hair!

Raking: For even distribution, divide your hair into sections. Take your leave-in conditioner or curl cream in your hands and finger comb through the strands as you work it in. To get them to clump back together, smooth the portion after that.

Roping: Divide your hair into small pieces for the best results. Squeeze a small amount of your styling product and rub it between your palms. Squeeze each part from the roots to the ends while holding it in your fist like you would a rope. Scrunch your hair once you've distributed the product evenly throughout it.

Finger curling: Take a smaller piece of hair from the section and hold it at the base with two fingers on one hand. Wrap the hair around two fingers on your other hand and twirl the hair repeatedly. Stop twirling when you get all the way to the end of the strand. Then, let go to reveal a beautiful coil.

Squish to Condish: Gather the pools of water and conditioner that are dripping from your hair into your palms as you start to rinse. Squish those curls as you drop them into the conditioner and water solution. If your curls are tighter than usual, you might need to use extra conditioner; just remember to use more water and keep squishing. Once your hair stops dripping, continue this. Make sure you're scrunching softly and that your hair is sufficiently moist if you're worried about ruining your curl pattern or generating frizz.

Bowl Method: This method involves slathering your hair with a leave-in conditioner or curl cream and dipping it section by section into a bowl of water. As you dip, you’re meant to scrunch each individual section and let the water run back into the bowl. 

That’s it you guys, these are some of the most common and highly used methods to style curly/ wavy hair. There are of course many more ways and products you can use to get that voluminous gorgeous hair. Follow these simple styling methods for curly hair to rock those voluminous curls every day! And to know what’s the CGM routine we were talking about you can read our previous blog, we have also linked the products you need to follow CGM. We love our curls and now you will too!

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Happy Curling!

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