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Let’s talk about Frizz

What is frizz:

Frizz is an undesired physical change that makes our hair dull, rough, and challenging to style. These changes are easily seen, especially among curly hair. The curls are not well defined, and the outer layer becomes dull with no gloss and shine.

As hair becomes dry and damaged, its appearance resembles a pinecone: open, rough and prickly. When it’s open and damaged like this, beneficial moisture can escape the hair shaft while moisture from the air enters the hair shaft, causing it to swell and change shape. In other words, it becomes frizzy.


What causes air to frizz:

  1. Humid weather
  2. Washing hair with hot water
  3. Over washing hair
  4. Harsh products
  5. Towel drying your hair


Ways to reduce frizz:


  1. Use microfiber towels to reduce friction on hair and keep them soft. Heres one for you: https://curlcure.com/collections/offers/products/microfibre-towel-for-frizz-free-hair?_pos=1&_sid=75e005e11&_ss=r


  1. Make sure to use sulphate-paraben-silicone free products. They way heavily on hair and cause them to become dry and dull. Use products with natural ingredients like shea butter, aloe vera, oats etc.


  1. Always condition after shampooing your hair, it adds moisture and nourishes dry hair. We at Curl Cure love helping you and all the curlies out there. Our hydrating conditioner is made with aloe vera and avocado that intensely hydrate your hair for the better.




  1. Curl Cream is your bestie to tame that frizz and lock up on that nourishment. Define & Shine is rich with shea butter and aloe vera that helps your style your hair, adds definition to your hair and suitable for all hair types.




  1. Use cold water for your last rinse! We know it sounds painful, especially in the winter months, but it makes a big difference because the cold water seals the cuticle and reduces moisture loss.



Product recommendations:


  1. Hair Spa- Because all of us should pamper our hair with the best ingredients. Made with powerful ingredients like gooseberries, lavender, moringa and bhringraj that hydrate and nourish your locks that reduces frizz and gives them the food they deserve.



  1. Hair diffuser- the quickest way to dry hair and add volume, our diffuser is super travel friendly and easy to use. It makes drying hair easy and safe too!



  1. Satin Pillowcase- to complement your using microfiber towel, satin pillowcase is very beneficial to reduce hair breakage while sleeping. Since we move our head while sleeping, hair tend to get stuck under our body and break apart, or due to friction to regular covers get extra frizzy. That is why we recommend the satin pillowcase since they are easy on your hair!



Happy Curling!

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